12V/1500W Modified Inverter Wall Mounted

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Brand Name: AS Solar
Model Number: AS 1500W
Output Power: 601 – 800KW
Output Type: Single
Size: 390*150*90mm
Weight: 2.97Kg
Input Voltage: 12v 24v
Output Voltage: 220v 230v 110v
Type: DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency: 50Hz/60hz
Output Current: By load
Product name: Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Application: Solar Power System Home
Certificate: SONCAP, CE , ROHS
Output waveform: Modified Sine Waveform
Color: Silver
Protection: Overload
Warranty: 1-2 years
Rated power: 1500w
Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ Auto
Inverter type: DC to AC inverter
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Product advantages:

1: Intelligent ball power control fan, low noise, more power, easy cooling, protection of product components, long product life.
2: multi-purpose universal socket, in line with most countries use, save money, save time.
3: LED indicator, use the night can easily understand the use of batteries and appliances.
4: aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, easy to heat, sturdy drop, corrosion-resistant.
5: 100% pure copper screw terminals, easy to conductive, high conversion power, durable, strong.
6: Multiple voltage selection: The input voltage is free to choose 12v / 24v / 48v, the output voltage 110v / 220v in line with all the national voltage range.
7: imported components: Japan bulk capacitor black diamond, filtering more pure, the United States imports 1404 FET, AGBT tube, GP4063 tube, GP4066 tube, product value. 12: product life-long warranty service, eliminating the worries of your product purchase.
8: 4 angle card slot, a wide range of installation.
9: Built-in products imported from Malaysia original silicone material, easy to heat, longer service life of components.
10: 100% copper high-power transformer, conversion efficiency up to 95%.
11: Comes with battery charging function, at the same time to the battery charging and inverter functions, charging, inverter use at the same time, easy to protect the connected electrical appliances, cost savings and improve efficiency.
12: 100% double copper pole, filter clean and pure.
13: Multiple choice socket: American standard, Australian standard, European standard, British standard, French standard, German standard, South Africa standard, universal standard socket and other countries.
14: Multiple display: digital display, voltmeter, etc., to the customer multiple choice.
15: Multiple terminal selection: terminal, screw terminals, high conductivity.
16: Choose whether to bring the charging function, save money, improve efficiency.

Item No. :AS- AS 150W AS 200W AS 300W AS 500W AS 1000W AS 1500W AS 2000W AS 3000W AS 5000W
 Max continuous power 150W 200W 300W 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 5000W
 Peak Load Power Rate 300W 400W 600W 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 10000W
 NO load current draw <0.4A <0.6A
 Input DC voltage Range DC10-15V
 Output Voltage Range AC110/220V±10% AC110/220V±5%
 Output Frequency Range 60/50+/-0.1Hz 60/50+/- 3Hz
 Max Outer Temperature < 75?
 Max Power Efficiency > 86% > 90%
 High Voltage Cut Off >DC15V±0.5V >DC15V±1V
 Low Voltage Alar DC 10.5±0.3V
 Low Voltage Cut Off DC10V±0.3V
 Overload&Short-circuit Protection YES
 Input Voltage DC 12V
 THD ?5%
Output waveform pure sine wave
 Cooling: Fan
 Product Size(mm) 140*95*55 140*95*55 140*95*55 200*95*55 320*150*70 390*150*90 410*150*90 450*200*160 450*200*160
 Packing size(cm) 61*25.5*26 61*25.5*26 61*25.5*26 60*36*32 49*46*47 51*46*47 56*46*47 67*29.5*27 67*29.5*27
 N.W 0.49kg 1.11Kg 0.72Kg 2.26Kg 2.97Kg 3.59kg 7.52Kg 10KG
 G.W 0.676kg 1.25Kg 0.996Kg 2.92Kg 3.79Kg 4.05Kg 9.50Kg 13KG


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