50W Paygo Solar

145,500.00 89,000.00


Model Name AS-50PGFM
Solar Panel 50W X 1
Pay as You Go YES
Battery 18Ah/11.1V Lion Battery
Integrated FM Radio YES
Integrated Mp3 Player YES

DC Fan: 10W

DC LED Bulbs: 3W


Load Recommendations

LED Lighting

3w x 5pcs x 5hrs


Desktop Fan

10w x 1pcs x 6hrs


Mobile Charging (upto 6 Mobile Phones and other Gadget)

Out of stock


50W Pay as you go Solar ( with 24 Months Code)

Now on Outright Payment (Bonanza).

Installation fees may differ depending on location and state of residence.

All in the box: 50W SHS Pay As You Go ( Pure DC System with LiFePO4 Battery, 1 x 50W Poly Panel, 5 LED bulbs(inclusive extended Cables with Bulb holder, and Switch ), 1 DC Table Fan, 1 Multi-Universal Phone Charging Cable &  inbuilt FM/AM Radio, SD / Memory Slot, USB port.

24/7 Mobile Electricity whenever you need it!

Live life off the grid with AS Solar Mobile Electricity service. It is accessible, safe, reliable and affordable. Light up to 5 rooms, charge Mobile phones and cool off wit a DC Desktop Fan– For Homes, Grocery Shop and basic energy need.

All Pay as you go Solar Portable system Comes with Recommendation.

  1. DC (solar) Compatible appliances, up to 50W (cumulative) and 12V
  2. AC out put: Not Available.
  3. 50W Paygo system do not support any form of AC Appliances etc

Note: This system cannot support, Air conditioners, Deep freezers, Refrigerators, Electric cookers, Washing machines, AC ceiling fans etc



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