UPS Battery 12v 250AH

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Item No.: AS 12-250
Cells Per Unit: 6
Voltage Per Unit: 12
Capacity(10hr): 250Ah
Weight: 74 Kg
Internal Resistance: 5 m?
Terminal: F14(M8)
Max. Discharge Current: 2500A(5 sec)
Design Life (floating charge): 10 years
Float Charging Voltage(25?): 13.6V to 13.8V
Color: grey
Maintenance Type: Maintenance free
Application: solar & wind system, CATV, marine,RV, UPS, etc.
Warranty (months): 1 year
Dimensions(mm): 520x268x220x225
Container Material: ABS
Customized Packing & Brand Name: Yes
OEM & ODM Service: Yes
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Brand Name: AS Solar
Model Number: AS 12-250
Nominal Capacity: 250AH
Weight: 74kg
Cells Per Unit:: 6
Voltage Per Unit:: 12
Capacity(10hr):: 250Ah
Weight(kg):: 74
Internal Resistance:: 5 m?
Terminal:: F14
Max. Discharge Current:: 2500A(5 sec)
Design Life (floating charge):: 10 years
Float Charging Voltage(25?):: 13.6V to 13.8V
Type:: 12v 250ah battery, gel battery 12v 250ah
Usage: UPS, Solar System
Size: 520x268x220x225 mm
Voltage: 12V
Maintenance Type: Free
Sealed Type: Sealed


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